Dear RRR Conference Delegates,

We hope you have fond memories still of the Restore, Regenerate, Revegetate Conference held in Armidale in February 2017.

As promised, we are recording the conference legacy in different ways. There has been considerable interest in the conference outputs, both written and spoken, from people all around Australia who were unable to attend the conference, as well as from yourselves.

  1. Conference proceedings

The RRR Conference Proceedings are published and live at the UNE conference web page. Many thanks to the contributors for working with Dr Rhiannon Smith (our editor), who single-handedly managed the refereeing and editing of each paper.

  1. Conference Special Issue of The Rangeland Journal

Volume 39 Numbers 5 & 6 2017 of The Rangeland Journal, with a cover date of December 2017, went live online in late January this year.  Many thanks To Wal Whalley and Rhiannon Smith (our editors), the authors and referees for their great work and for handling the manuscripts so efficiently. You can visit the website and download each of the pdfs until the end of April 2018.

  1. Second journal special issue of conference plenary and keynote papers

The second special issue of conference plenary and keynote papers is advancing rapidly, with David Lindenmayer’s et al. (2018) paper being the first to be published online at the Ecological Management & Restoration journal website. This second special issue will be an online issue only and will be published in July 2018. My thanks to the authors, editorial team, willing referees and EMR Editor-in-Chief, Tein McDonald, for their efforts so far in getting this final major conference legacy almost completed.

  1. Video Recordings of Conference Presentations

The spoken presentations are available on the web. The Organising Committee would like to thank delegates for so readily agreeing to having their talks published, in order to disseminate the great messages and work that we heard about back in February 2017.  Please visit the conference presentations page at: and revisit some of those wonderful talks.

  1. The Armidale Declaration

As you are aware, the Armidale Declaration has been published online at the conference website since mid-way through 2017. Last year, I contacted the nation’s leaders, alerting them to the Declaration, in the hope that through your communiqué, there will be better news for restoring the Australian environment.

I will write again shortly, when the second conference special issue is published online in EMR in July. Happy restoring!


Professor Nick Reid

On behalf of the RRR Publication Editorial Working Group and Conference Organising Committee