Why Choose Us?

We’ll save you tearing your hair out!

We are conference organisers with the knowledge, skills and depth of experience to handle the hundreds of tasks essential to hosting a successful event. We organise meetings of all sizes and all types.

We’ll save you the dramas of over-spending

Our experience in the meetings industry and understanding of delegates’ behaviour lead to major savings, all of which are passed on to you. For some of our clients, these savings have fully covered our fee!

We’ll save you dealing with unknown contractors

We have established business relationships with all the suppliers you’re likely to need.

From advertising to accommodation, marketing to media, photography to proceedings, signage to staging, travel to transcriptions – we know them all, and we know their capabilities.

We’ll save you an administrative nightmare

We have a strong support infrastructure… trained staff, specialised software, a fully integrated computer network with Internet access and a secure server for on-line registration and payment, and multiple phone and fax lines. Everyone involved in your meeting will receive responsive, frustration-free service.

We’ll save you from frustrating false starts

By appointing us early in the planning process, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls such as inaccurate budgeting, poor database design, or booking an inappropriate venue. We’ve done it all before, so things are done correctly the first time.

We’ll save you where you need it

We can tailor our services to your specific needs. For instance, if you don’t require a full-blown conference management service, our experience will still be invaluable in selected areas such as planning assistance, registration or exhibition management.

So before you decide who should organise your event… Have a meeting with us!

We can help you achieve your event goals while you remain focused on your professional ones. This win-win situation is yours for the taking.

“We Simply Know The Meetings Industry Inside Out”

How Much Will It Cost?

Conference Management Service

We charge a fee for service, for which the client gains the benefit of our experience in the industry, and our buying power. Our competitive fees are based on executive, administrative and secretarial time involved in the management of your event. There is also an allowance for overheads, equipment and general office supplies.

Our fees are derived from two components – a base management fee and a per head fee for registering each delegate.

  1. Base Management Fee

The base management fee is dependent on the scope of the event, the services required and the number of delegates attending. It covers services such as attendance at committee meetings, taking and distributing minutes of meetings, establishing the conference timeline, budget and database, marketing and promotion, managing the finances to audit stage, liaising with sub-contractors – any task which has to be carried out no matter how many delegates attend the event.

  1. Delegate Registration Fee

The per head fee covers work specific to individual delegates – data entry, written acknowledgement, banking of fees, booking accommodation, tours and social functions, filling satchels and staffing the registration desk.

Commissions and Discounts

We operate in a fee-for-service environment. From the day we are appointed we work to ensure the best financial outcome for you, the client.

This includes providing you with original invoices on all accounts, and passing on to you all the discounts and benefits earned through our industry relationships and bulk buying power.

Other Costs

Incidentals such as postage, courier charges, photocopying, phone and faxing are charged back at cost.

“We Can Tailor Our Services To Your Specific Needs”